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AI within healthcare – people powered health

On Tuesday, Nesta held their #PeoplePoweredHealth event in partnership with Guys and St Thomas’ Charity. The event was focusing on how we can put digital and social innovation at the heart of the future health and care system. Sophie Walker, one of our Design Consultant, who works with the Uscreates Innovation Lab, Hatch, went to the afternoon breakout session which looked at Algorithmic medicine: potential and risks and how intelligent machines could impact healthcare, and what it would mean for patients and providers. For those of you that missed it, here’s a summary.

The speakers were:
Will Cavendish, Strategy Lead, DeepMind Applied
Paul Bate, Director of NHS Services, Babylon Health
Lydia Nicholas, Senior Researcher, Nesta

Using AI within healthcare will allow:

However, while all this technology makes its way into mainstream use, it will also create a degree of instability and distrust. To combat this we need to:

At Uscreates our new Research and Design Lab, Hatch, has been exploring the impact of AI on the future of health and social care services. We’ve been looking at how we can ensure digital products and services to remain people and patient centred. Last year before Christmas, we organised a roundtable on Humanising Technology with public and private sector organisations, and looked at the barriers and key points to keep in mind when designing better futures.

Sophie Walker is a researcher and communications designer who specialises in creating innovative and engaging ways to improve user services and experiences. Sophie has extensive experience as a researcher unpicking issues in a diverse range of subjects from improving the health and wellbeing of children under five to streamlining cloud computing services. She is skilled at engagement and has worked with groups such as adult and adolescent mental health service users, smoking pregnant women, and troubled families. She also has a background in trend forecasting and works with the Uscreates Innovation Lab, Hatch, helping clients to create long-lasting, sustainable services.