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Developing people to think differently and find more productive ways of working

Through a human-centred design approach, we can help people to think, work and behave differently in order to find more productive ways of delivering a better (more effective, efficient, competitive) service.

Impact through design-led transformations
Our work with Barking and Dagenham council was independently evaluated. It delivered:

£20 000 cost savings
6% increase in resident satisfaction in 6 weeks

“Working with Uscreates as part of the Public Services by Design Programme had a really positive impact on our organisation. Even the initially sceptical were excited by their involvement. We have achieved a transferable model for co-designing services that isn’t constrained by traditional limitations.”

Sue Devitt, Housing Service Improvement Manager

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Technology is driving organisations and business model innovation
CHANGING TECHNOLOGY: The rate of change in the world is accelerating, with technology driving organisations and business model innovation. Therefore the ability to find new, more productive ways of embedding systems and processes, by the people who are running them, is essential in responding effectively to these rapid changes.

EARLY INTERVENTION & PREVENTION: Increasing pressures on society (increasing population, ageing population, reduced funding) mean we need to adopt an early intervention and prevention approach and design a workforce that is more user-centred and empowered to problem solve (e.g. by embedding systems that prevent issues from bubbling over before they reach crisis point). Through appropriate reward systems and innovation, we can build resilience in citizens and staff, giving them the courage to take ownership of solutions.

Through a human-centred design approach, we enable people to think, work and behave differently helping them to find more productive ways of delivering a better (more effective, efficient, competitive) service.
Improving ways of working through design
Through human-centred design, we show your workforce how to focus more on your customers and users, helping them to design new organisational structures and ways of working that will deliver better services. Teaching people to think and work differently is essential when trying to create better and more effective systems, processes and services. At the same time, you are building stronger teams who are more effective and efficient - and who feel empowered - whilst providing them with more agile and dynamic ways of working together.
Designing better futures
Moving towards a less hierarchical, more networked and multi-disciplinary working partnership where teams form together around outcomes, rather than being isolated within departments, leads to a more agile, empowered and resilient frontline. Building capabilities to work in more responsive ways means teams are better equipped to respond and react to unforeseen changes and influences, minimising investment and resources risk as a result of built-in feedback loops.
What we do
We offer tried and tested capability building packages that vary in length and intensity. We can deliver bespoke packages for your organisation or you can send your people to join one of our ongoing training courses, giving you the opportunity to work with live change projects so you can build skills whilst delivering on day-to-day change and improvement programmes.

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