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Building efficiency and capacity through digitalisation

Collaboratively designing human-centred digital solutions, by involving the people who will provide the technology, as well as those who will use the technology, will ensure it delivers the intended outcomes for all involved.

Impact through design-led transformations
Our work digitising the open source mental wellbeing framework WoW has resulted in the engagement of over 15,000 people. Moreover, over 20 public and third sector organisations have now adopted the framework. These include Kent County Council, the Young Foundation, and the University of Wollongong.

WoW has been featured in the AHRC-funded study Valuing Design, and utilised as an example of best practice by Mind charity (more details can be found here.)
Digitalisation is not simply putting offline services online
In our changing world, we need to deliver different services that are less transactional and more human. If automated, there are huge opportunities for services to scale, become less resource intensive, be more accessible and more convenient. There are many, existing ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions to choose from, but many of these are not appropriate, or can be difficult to integrate with the wider service. Many service providers lack the in-house skills and expertise to understand user needs, behaviours and journeys, or deal with the systemic challenges. Designing a digital service requires new and different skills.
Improving digital services through design
By visualising and mapping the customer journey, we’re able to gain a deeper understanding of what your users need. By employing design thinking, we are able to design creative ways to improve efficiencies, scale services and extract real-time data which can be utilised to drive digital innovation. Using prototyping and agile development methods we ensure digital solutions are tested quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively to avoid high resource and financial investment before outcomes and benefits are proven.
Designing better futures
When coupled with human-centred design, the adoption of new technologies to successfully harness opportunities around digitisation means that services can be delivered at scale and have a greater impact on more people for less resource - whilst making them more accessible and easy to use. This approach allows you to redirect resources to alternative areas of service that need it most.

Capturing the full potential of government digitalization could free up to $1 trillion annually in economic value worldwide through improved cost and operational performance (according to McKinsey analysis).
What we do
We can work with you through all stages of your digitalisation journey: Discovery, Alpha, Beta, Live and Retirement.

Uscreates are a supplier on the Government’s Digital Outcome Specialist 2 framework. If you are a public sector organisation, please get in touch with us to find out how you can buy via the framework.

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