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Finding better people, keeping better people, building better teams and ultimately designing better workforces

Meaningful engagement with people at work: going beyond the staff survey to truly understand your people and their motivations, and involving them in the design of your organisation, systems, services, and processes.

Impact through design-led transformations
Our design-led approach with King's Health Partners resulted in:

15% increase in those who would recommend their trust as a place to work.

7% increase in staff wellbeing.

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Massive pressures in today’s workplace
Today’s organisations face massive challenges and workforce pressures. Many organisations find that they must compete to retain the best people.

A changing workforce: An older workforce with differing skills sets; a younger workforce of millennials bringing differing motivations and values; and shortages in certain professions (e.g. nursing and support staff) are creating a new challenge around staff engagement and skills retention.

A growing workforce: Rapid growth; mergers and acquisitions; and new contracts mean taking on larger numbers of staff, quickly increasing the need to not only retain great people, but also to attract great people.

Differing skills requirements: Technological advances; a changing demographic; and the shifting political, economic and environmental landscape mean a wide variety of skills and capabilities are now required.

Improving engagement, recruitment and retention through design
Truly understanding your people and involving them in the design of your organisation, systems, services, and processes is the key to engagement.

Gain a deeper understanding of what makes your people tick, what they value and how best to get them on side. Achieving this - in a meaningful way that will give you the open and honest feedback - will enable you to design better programmes, structures, ways of working and processes, keeping your people motivated and simultaneously aligning them with what they value - whilst delivering on your commercial objectives.

Engaging and involving your people in the design of improvements ensures the changes that are made are appropriate, well received and sensitive to the needs and motivations of your team. More importantly, it will guarantee that these alterations are effective at improving the recruitment, retention and engagement of your employees.

Designing better futures
Building skills and empowering people to make changes themselves means that they can continue to improve and develop in the future – designing sustainable and ongoing improvements, helping to reduce churn and attract the best talent. Improved wellbeing amongst your staff translates to a healthier organisation.
What we do
We work with our clients to improve their staff experience and create happier - but also more productive - workplaces. We get our hands dirty and actually live the lives of employees, getting to the heart of issues that are affecting staff wellbeing and then supporting organisations to change.

For example: we have shadowed nurses on long, difficult and exhausting shifts; we have organised creative and engaging workshops with staff at all levels of complex healthcare organisations to develop and implement internal communications strategies; and we have designed digital platforms to gather staff views in a meaningful way. Most importantly, we practise what we preach - the Uscreates “US” project is our own internal staff wellbeing initiative.

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