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Join us for our homelessness workshop

Develop evidence-based best practice to deliver homelessness prevention programmes that continue to blaze the trail.

Over the last few years, many local areas have been experiencing an increase in homelessness, driven by a combination of house prices rises, welfare reform changes and other factors. It has been nearly a year since the Prime Minister announced the 28 local councils who have received funding to develop innovative methods for preventing homelessness ahead of the forthcoming Homelessness Reduction Act. Uscreates has been working with five local councils to shape and deliver their prevention trailblazer programmes, which require a combination of service re-design, resident behaviour change, predictive data modelling and organisational culture change.

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Homelessness workshop: Innovations and interventions to blaze the trail with prevention programme delivery.

Homelessness Workshop

An opportunity for learning, emerging insights, ideas and challenges

Part of the aim of the Homelessness Prevention Trailblazer Fund is to develop evidence-based best practice and share that among other councils wishing to prevent homelessness. In this spirit, we are putting on an event to share the emerging insights, ideas and challenges between and beyond the councils we are working with. This is an opportunity for:

Deep-dive workshops into empathetic conversations and personal housing & wellbeing plans

There are many examples across the trailblazers – and beyond (within homelessness and other social areas) – of creating empathetic, supportive services. We will draw on our wider experience, and bring in other practitioners to run two interactive sessions on embedding problem-solving and preventative conversations, and developing a plan that both records the information and motivates both parties to follow up on the action (as required by the Homelessness Reduction Act).  

Explore innovative approaches to ‘next practice’

The letter of the law requires certain processes and systems to be in place by next summer. But the spirit of the new legislation requires a much more strategic approach, interacting with those at risk far earlier than 56 days. In order to really achieve a prevention transformation, local councils will need to take a far more innovative approach, working with different partners, and commissioning through alternative, sustainable routes. This workshop will also provide an opportunity for all participants to explore ‘next practice’ in prevention and continue to blaze the trail.

We’d like to invite you to join us for breakfast and creatively explore innovations and interventions to blaze the trail with prevention programme delivery.

Facilitators: Cat Drew (Delivery Director, Uscreates and previously leading the Policy Lab/DCLG project that informed the Trailblazer programme), Thomas Kohut (Project Lead, Southwark & Lewisham), Kevin Marshall (Researcher, Westminster & Newcastle)

Venue: Uscreates Studio, Studio 103 North Block, Vox Studios, London SE11 5JH

Date: 7 December, 9:00am – 11:00am

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