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Spire Healthcare


Strategic Design Partner

Project brief

To develop and engage staff in Spire Healthcare’s digital vision and roadmap

Through enabling participants to imagine the future, we left the limitations of today behind, to nurture ideas of what the future of Spire could look like.

The quality of the work and the consultants was excellent. Uscreates delivered a great project that really helped facilitate creating the vision. The design and delivery of the project was exactly what we needed; consultative, insightful and adaptive to staff and the changing situation.

Jonathan Paisley

previously CIO, Spire Healthcare

The challenge

Spire Healthcare were at the start of a journey to radically transform and modernise the way the organisation operates. With an ambition to streamline services and become more patient centric, there was a need to ‘get everyone to the starting line’ – that is, open to change, excited about transforming the business and willing to contribute to Spire’s future.

Uscreates workshop for Spire Healthcare with participants talking


What we did

Working with staff from across the organisation, we co-created ‘Spire 2020’, a vision to be used as a ‘North Star’, informing strategy, innovation and change projects, both new and already underway.

To get to this vision, we undertook foresight research into what would impact and influence the future of private healthcare and used this to stimulate activity and conversation across the organisation from the board room through to the hospitals.

Through presentations, workshops and facilitated idea generation activities, we listened to staff and understood their challenges, absorbing their suggestions and responses. Then with armfuls of data, we crafted what we heard into a seven-point Manifesto for Change to catalyse transformational change. 

Uscreates workshop for Spire Healthcare with a board of information and lots of ideas written out on post-its on the wall Uscreates workshop for Spire Healthcare with active and engaged participants