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Our Story

It all started with two young Goldsmiths design graduates full of ambition…

We wanted to use design to solve real-world problems.

Back in 2005, when Uscreates was first conceived, we were two of the first practitioners working in socially-focused service design.

A decade has passed and we are now a team of 20+ people, each of whom brings passion, knowledge and varied insight to our clients’ challenges. We are designers, analysts, psychologists, journalists and policymakers who come together to truly understand the complexities of challenges in order to help design better futures. In our number are some of the UK's leading practitioners and thinkers in the field of social and service design, and design for policy, health and wellbeing.

Our team is united by a passion for design and a drive to make the world a better place.
But we are more than just our in-house team. WE includes you, your staff, your users and your customers, because collaboration is so integral to your success.

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Our very first project demonstrated the impact of understanding and working with people to design solutions to a challenge (improving workplace eating behaviours by 33%).

We are not just creative, strategic thinkers; we get to the heart of the problem, understanding from all perspectives and reframing this knowledge into an intelligent and usable whole. Being able to see what others cannot is what makes us unique. Design from us is not merely an extra consulting service that we offer: it is our philosophy. It keeps us ever curious about the world around us.
Moreover - and most importantly - it helps us to stay forever mindful of your real – and not perceived – problem, and how we can help you respond to it.
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We believe in ‘better’. The notion of 'better' is something we give a lot of thought to and believe can only be achieved by putting people at the centre of the problem-solving process. Being better means spending time objectively measuring with our clients (seeing how a small problem solved here can transform results elsewhere, for example). To truly be better, we know we need to measure beyond our own opinions; for instance, to measure health outcomes, waiting times, money saved, or feedback from the users directly. This is what is needed in today’s interconnected world.
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Working across various sectors solving social, health and wellbeing issues, we strive to make a difference to people and the lives they lead. We come together to improve prospects for our clients, our partners, our people and the people we design for. We believe by always looking for better and more productive ways of working, we can deliver services more efficiently and effectively - and together we can design a multiplicity of better futures.
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