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Uscreates Story: Episode 1 - When Uscreates needed to find lots of great talent

Welcome to the first Uscreates Story – a series of Vlogs where our team of Uscreatures talk about pivotal moments in Uscreates’ history.

Uscreates was amongst the first socially focused service design agency to set up in London in 2005. Our team, experience and expertise grew as we paved the way for this emergent discipline. Through Uscreates Story, we hope to lift the lid on challenges we faced and learning we gained along the way, with a hope to inspire others out there building a career or a business around service design.

In this episode, learn how our core team widens Uscreates’ expertise by hailing from all walks of life with varied interests and capabilities and how this strengthens our fundamental skills in service design.

This episode was brought to you by our Design Director, Dr Joanna Choukeir.

Good News – we are currently hiring. If you are interested in joining the team as Senior Consultant, click here to find out more information on the job spec and how to apply!